Thankful for Levy Passage

I am very thankful for the passage of our main operational levy.  The vote was so close and only passed by 278 votes.  I believe this was due to the large voter turnout and the tough economic times everyone is facing.  I have learned so many things as a new superintendent and am thankful for this levy campaign experience. Part of my campaign speech was that Carroll County taxpayers are my bosses.  That being said the Board needs your help with input on what services you need and want.  

Please become involved in the Carroll County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities.  We need to hear from you in our community surveys either in person, on paper, or on the internet.  Our Board is committed to quality; therefore we will be contracting to have objective community surveys completed.  The first survey will be for quality improvement in Carroll County.  The other survey is part of an Ohio survey that will measure satisfaction and efficiency based on National Core Indicators.  The intent of these surveys is to reduce costs through eliminating duplicated services, invest money where taxpayers need the service, and improve services by evaluation and adopting other models that are currently better.

The Board needs your assistance with Annual Action Plans.  Every year the Board has a public hearing in December to give everyone an opportunity to help decide where your money would best be spent in the program.  I encourage you to tour our facilities any time you are available and we are open.  I would also encourage you to attend Special Olympic events, Christmas Program, dances, and other events. A listing of all these events can be found on our website at

The nature of MRDD is constantly in change.  You can ask any staff about the changes in funding, paperwork, certification requirements, background checks, name changes, etc. that occur almost yearly. The Board is under financial pressure of reduced revenue, increased costs, and demands on what services or if any services can be provided by a County Board.  We need your support so the Board can provide the quality services this community needs.  You may be asked to contact your representative and senator to combat or direct future changes in MRDD.

I am so proud to live in such a great community.  The passage of this levy and so many other MRDD levies throughout the years is evidence of the love and support from the community.  I am also impressed with the community support through donations of time, money, and belongings to those in need.  Thank you to all the staff, parents, family members, advocates, guardians, businesses and friends of the program who donated money, items, talent and time to pass this levy.  I also want to remind you that we will be on the ballot next November for our 1 mill 3 year operational school levy which will only be a renewal.  Thanks again for your support.