I firmly believe the purchase of Quality Support Services (QSS) from Mid East Ohio Regional Conference was a great move by the Board. Management staff is half way through the 6 trainings for QSS. I am now aware that our strategic plan is in need of revision to improve the mission, vision, and add core values to the document. The mission, vision, and core values need to be communicated to all staff and stakeholders of the program. This quality model has given staff tools and the ability to network to improve services.

Goal #1 on our strategic plan is to improve quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of Board services. Staff is exploring many changes in the way we do business to improve quality. Staff will be visiting county boards to benchmark services already in place that address quality, efficiency, and effectiveness. Carroll Hills Industries (CHI) has already improved day habilitation services, but will send a staff to Coshocton and other county boards that have been identified as model day habilitation service sites.

Staff will also be sent to county boards utilizing Caretracker. Caretracker is a computerized system that acts as a time clock for staff, keeps track of day habilitation services, and creates billing. Staff uses computerized screens in each area where they can touch screen activities and times for services rendered. This system eliminates paperwork, increases data bases, and reduces staff time for payroll and billing.

Management staff and direct care staff will form a committee to review and make changes to staff evaluations and pay scales. The intent is to improve evaluations and pay scales to reward good staff, ensure all staff understands what is expected of them, and to encourage all staff to improve performance. Dave Haught compared heating and cooling costs from 2008 to 2009 for Carroll Hills Administration (CHA) office. Insulation was added in 2009 and the cost savings was shown to be $240 per month. Board staff is utilizing data to further improve efficiency and has plans to replace windows at CHI and CHA and replace the heating and cooling unit at CHA.

Goal #3 is to strive to be more customer driven. In May a self-advocate advisory council will be created for all individuals receiving Board services. This self-advocate advisory council will meet monthly, be directed and run by those receiving services, and have the ability to report to the County Board. The hope is individuals with developmental disabilities will feel empowered to further direct their services and report on any health and safety issues. The Board will provide training where needed for individuals receiving services to improve their self-advocacy skills.

A 24' by 30' pavilion will be built at the Carroll Hills Administration Offices site. This pavilion was requested by staff to better serve individuals in wheelchairs and allow more individuals to enjoy being outside. Carroll Hills Industries is exploring a document scanning contract. Individuals at the workshop will scan in documents to electronic format for agencies to store on a server or archive to a portable hard drive or DVD. This will help agencies reduce storage costs, free up storage space, and improve the ability to retrieve documents. The document scanning process will also enhance the shredding service offered by CHI since the paper documents will need destroyed.