Newsletter Article Levy News by Matt Campbell

Carroll County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities will be seeking voters' approval of an operational levy in November 2008. The Board has a 2.8 mill 10 year operational levy that was started in 1999 and expires in 2008 and a 1.0 mill 7 year operational levy that was started in 2002 and expires in 2008. It was approved to combine the two levies through a 3.8 mill replacement levy.

A replacement tax of two existing levies at 2.8 mills and at 1 mill, respectively, for the benefit of CARROLL COUNTY for the purpose of maintenance and operation of schools, training centers, workshops, clinics, and other programs and services for persons with mental retardation and developmental disabilities by the MRDD Board (Carroll Hills Program) ORC 5705.222 at a rate not exceeding 3.8 mills for each one dollar valuation, which amounts to thirty eights cents ($0.38) for each one hundred dollars valuation, as a continuous levy starting in tax year 2009.

The 2.8 mill 10 year operational levy originally generated $977,000 and the 1.0 mill 7 years operational levy generated $425,000. If you add the two levies together you should come up with $1,402,000, however the two combined levies generated $1.7 million in 2006 due to new construction. The 3.8 mill replacement levy will generate approximately $1.96 million however it will be rolled back to collect the 2006 yield of approximately $1.7 million for at least the first year. The below figures are based on collecting the total $1.96 million.

Table A
Market Value
Cost Per Month

The basic formula used in Table A is to take the price that the house would sell for (market value) then multiply it by 35%. Property taxes are based on "assessed value" which is 35% of the market value. Then multiply the result by .0038 because the value of 3.8 mills is 3.8 thousandth of a dollar, then divide by 12 for the approximate cost. Next multiply by .9 for the 10% off due to income tax. Finally if your real estate is your primary residence then you may multiply by .975 since you are eligible for a 2.5% reduction.

The reasoning for the replacement of the two levies is to have only one operational levy and make it on-going. Many county boards have continuous (on-going) levies so some sort of MRDD service can be provided even if costs increase. Other reasoning for this replacement levy is the Board must have an operational levy to continue the current services provided. Without this operational levy only part of the school services will be provided and the Ohio Department of MRDD would have to step in and only operate waiver services for 73 individuals. That would mean at least 113 individuals would no longer receive services in Carroll County. Carroll County Board of MRDD has been hit hard lately with cost increases of approximately $420,000. Future projections show continued increases in waiver costs, decreased state and federal revenue, and loss of tangible personal property tax revenue.

It is our mission to continue the current MRDD services and expand services if possible. The workshop currently provides services for over 90 individuals and the school provides services for 80 students. Both programs are in desperate need of more space and there are waiting lists for services. The MRDD program serves a total of 250 students and adults through school, adult workshop, community employment, residential, early intervention, preschool, and therapy services. The program has been successful at applying for grants to help fund additional services and additional building space. We appreciate all the donations, volunteer work, and support from the community through out the years. Please vote yes for our operational replacement levy on March 4th, 2008 so we can continue the much needed MRDD services to this wonderful community.