I would like to discuss two issues: Wavier waiting list and privatization of Carroll Hills Industries. I assumed the role of Service and Support Administrator in November 2014. In this role, one of the most important duties is managing the Waiver waiting list. Anyone who would like funding for transportation, day, services, employment, homemaker personal care, and purchase of certain equipment may call to be added to the Waiver waiting list. It is important for the individual that is added to the waiting list to be eligible for County Board services and Medicaid. Once you call, your name will be added to the list and a letter will be sent with a request for further information on service needs.

The waiting list rules require when a Waiver becomes available Board staff start at the beginning of the list. Exceptions to this rule is adult services refinancing, emergencies, and state-funded waivers. It is important that you provide our Board with accurate contact information. Service and Support Administrators (SSA) will be contacting people on the list in June. The Board has 2 state-funded Self Empowered Living Funding (SELF) and 1 Individual Options Waivers that SSA's will be calling people on the waiting list to fill.

SSA staff will also be searching for a provider who is willing to invite someone into their home to provide services. This is an Individual Options Waiver funded by the state for family living. Family living is basically adult foster care. If you are interested in this please contact me. If you would like to be placed on our Waiver waiting list, please also contact me at 330-627-6555.

The date to finalize privatization of Carroll Hills Industries remains January 1, 2018. The Board plans to host community forums to discuss the privatization process sometime in June, 2016. Current plans are for Carroll Hills Industries to move to the Administration Building to provide services for those who have Medicaid Waivers (CHI owns the Administration Building). There are a couple of matters that must be resolved before that move. First, County Board staff are in contact with the EPA to expand the septic system capacity from 35 to 60 individuals. We will also need to expand the building occupancy from 30 to 60.

Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities and Carroll Hills Industries Board signed a new adult services contract. Carroll Hills Industries will hire a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) this year to start provider certification process through the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. The intent is for Carroll Hills Industries to start billing Non-Medical Transportation and Day Services in,2017, before they officially move to the Administration Building. Workshop Employees (those with disabilities) will start to move and have more activities at the Administration Building in 2017.

The intent of both Boards is to make this change as painless as possible to all involved. We are also committed to continuing the same amount of services for those with disabilities that occurred before the privatization of Carroll Hills Industries. I look forward to seeing you at the community forums. I want to thank you for your support of our program. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.