March is MR/DD Month by Matt Campbell

March is MRDD Awareness Month.  The theme is “Success - When doors open we succeed”.  I believe Carroll County has done a great job opening doors so individuals with disabilities can succeed.  The Board serves 250 individuals with disabilities at various facets of their lives.  However, there are many more individuals in this community that need services.

The Board is in the process of addressing the need for more space at the workshop by adding on to the administration building.  The project is scheduled to break ground on March 1, 2008 and be completed by July 14, 2008.  This project has been in the works since 2001.  When the doors open, 15 individuals will receive habilitation services.  The neat thing about the addition is the location will allow for outside activities such as gardening, walking, animal therapy, corn hole games, etc.  

The Board is also gearing up to address the space problem at the school.  A grant has been applied for to add 13,000 square foot to the existing building.  If the grant is approved, when the doors open on the addition, there will be space for four preschool classrooms.  The addition will allow for parent training, therapy space, and a behavioral nurse to be located on site.  

The community has done a great job opening doors for our community employment program individuals.  There are six individuals with disabilities with jobs at Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Atwood Lodge, Mezzaluna’s Italian Grill, and Napa Distribution Center.  Landscaping and mowing crews employ 10 individuals with disabilities that work at community homes, local school districts, Ohio Department of Transportation, and Carroll Housing Opportunities homes.  The janitorial crew has employment through Ohio Department of Transportation and the Health Department.  The workshop also employs individuals on site through community contracts with GBS filing systems, Salem Label Team, Perfect Products, Ashton’s 5 & 10, Colfor, K.W. Hoopes, Department of Job & Family Services, Carroll County Commissioners, and Carroll Medical Management, etc.

The point I am making, as you can see “When doors open We succeed”.   Many doors have been opened so individuals in Carroll County have succeeded.  The Board and the individuals we serve hope doors will continue to open for success.    I believe that success is created through jobs for those who serve individuals with disabilities, and through those services, individuals with disabilities are given the opportunity to be productive citizens.Thank you for your support and please think outside the box for ways to open doors for people with disabilities