Levy update

CCBMR/DD replacement levy will not be on the ballot until the general election in November 2008. The information under Levy News, by Matt Campbell has been updated.

The following was published in the FREE PRESS STANDARD on January 31, 2008.

MRDD Replacement Levy Pulled from March Ballot

Another tax levy has been ordered off the March primary election ballot in Carroll County.

According to Bethany Barnett, director of elections, the Carroll County Board of Elections cannot accept the proposed replacement of two existing tax levies which was filed for placement on the March 4 primary election ballot.

"Inconjuction with the Secretary of State's office and County Prosecutor Donalds Burns, a review of the proposed replacement levy deteremined that it cannot go on the ballot until the general election of this year," Barnett said.

According to an opinion given by Prosecutor Burns, the date on which the election is held for the replacement levy with a fixed term of years is the date of the general election held during the "last year the existing levy may be extended on the real and public utility property tax list and duplicate, or the ensuing year."

Since the two existing levies of 2.8 mills and 1 mill do not expire until the end of this year (Dec. 31, 2008), Prosecutor Burns said the replacement levy cannot be placed on the March 4 primary election ballot, but may be extended on the date of any ensuring election.