When people talk about energy conservation and being responsible to the environment normally the words going green are used.  Board employees continue to look at ways to save money and provide a safe environment for individuals with disabilities.  Our maintenance staff has done a wonderful job keeping up with the times by utilizing technology.  We have many other staff that has made suggestions on ways to become more environmental friendly.  Please see the following ways Carroll County Board of MRDD has improved.

1. Carroll Hills Industries has shred and recycled 18,840 lbs of paper for the Board and other businesses in 2008.
2. Exit signs have been replaced with LED lights.
3. Heating and cooling adjustments are made during off hours by roof top timers.
4. Transportation has a no idling policy limiting buses to 15 minutes.
5. Carpet is recycled when replaced.
6. Carroll Hills Administration building has automatic sensor lights in bathrooms and storage closets.
7. Staff ensures lights are turned off at night.
8. Agency is keeping track and record of utility bills.
9. Transportation recycles metals from vehicle parts.
10. The maintenance department uses green friendly salt called Green Scapes Ice Melt during winter months.
11. We recycle cleaning fluids and oil.
12. Carroll Hills Industries (CHI) installed new energy efficient lighting in 2007.  The lighting was installed in rooms 1,2,3, and in the three hallways. As old fixtures go bad they are replaced with new energy efficient fixtures.  New ceiling tiles were installed at CHI to save heating and cooling costs.  The main hallway at Carroll Hills School has soft white energy long life bulbs.  All other areas have florescent bulbs and new ballasts to save money.  
13. Maintenance department are using green (environmental friendly) paint.
14. We recycle aluminum cans.
15. Carroll Hills School collects ink cartridges, cell phones, Campbell labels, and box tops to recycle and receive funds to purchase items for students and adults in the program.

If you have any suggestions on other ways the Board can save money and promote going green please let us know.