Matt Campbell, Superintendent

The Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities is faced with resolving conflict free case management. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) rules state Medicaid funding will only pay for conflict free case management. The issue with Ohio County Boards is we provide Medicaid billed services such as transportation, community employment, and workshop services as well as bill for case management services. The Board employs case managers called Services and Support Administrators (SSA) who complete the paperwork necessary to bill for Medicaid Waiver services. In theory, Board case managers (SSAs') could steer individuals to Board provided services, thus the conflict in case management.

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) has requested a 10 year process for all county boards to be compliant with conflict free case management. CMS responded that Ohio has until March 17, 2019. The Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities and Carroll Hills Industries (the workshop, CHI) will have to develop a plan to privatize by March 17, 2019. Decisions will have to be made about how many individuals CHI will serve, what building will they operate out of, what staff will they employ, what type of services will they provide, etc..

DODD is also in the process of funding system redesign. The proposed new funding will include integrated supported employment, integrated prevocational skill building, and integrated community supports. CMS and DODD require that all services funded will be person centered. New services will look like an equal opportunity for adults to be employed in the community, receive prevocational training only for up to 2 years, and if not employed in community day services must be integrated for at least part of the day in the community. It will no longer be acceptable to provide segregated services in a workshop setting and receive Medicaid Waiver funding

The Board has already addressed the conflict free case management with transportation services. Providers that are able to bill Medicaid through non-medical transportation have been identified and are providing transportation to adults for day services. Non-medical transportation providers include St. John's Villa, Mayle Homes,and Family Disability Services. Community Employment services will continue to be provided by the Board since the Board has had the only success with placement of adults in community jobs.

The Carroll County Board of DD is also required to recruit providers. Carroll County currently has St. John's Villa, Carroll County Transit, Mayle Homes Inc., Family Disability Services, LLC, and Horizon's Inc. They provide transportation, day services, or home maker personal care or a combination of these services. The Carroll County Board will continue to have meetings and advertise for more providers.

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities has moved the date to stop certifying independent providers from July 1, 2016 to July 1, 2018. County Boards may pay for independent providers out of county funds after July 1, 2018. Independent providers also have the option to be hired by an agency, hired directly for the family or adult, or work with an agency licensed by the State of Ohio such as a payee.

The Carroll County Board of DD is facing many changes as you can see. These changes can be very good for services as long as they remain person centered. I encourage your help with upcoming changes through much needed feedback. I also encourage advocating for what you think is right. Thank you for your support and if you have any questions please feel free to call.