Provider Fair and Carroll Hills Industries Privatized

The Board held an open house and provider fair on September 12, 2017. I want to remind everyone the reason the Board has to privatize adult services for those receiving Medicaid Waiver funding. March 17, 2014 new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Federal Home and Community-Based Services regulation. The Federal Government will only pay for person centered, community integration, and conflict-free services. Since the Carroll County Board of Developmental Disabilities provides case management services and also adult services the Board was forced to decide along with the other 87 County Boards to no longer provide service to adults receiving Medicaid Waiver funding.

So what is a Waiver? Waiver is simply a funding source for services. A Waiver waives certain rules so Individual Options Waiver, Level 1 Waiver, and SELF Waiver are only for people in Ohio on Medicaid who have a developmental disability. The Federal government pays roughly 60% for Waiver services and Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and Carroll County Board pays the 40%. Individual Options Waiver, Level 1 Waiver, and SELF Waiver pay for transportation, day services, community employment, vocational services, etc.

Carroll Hills Industries (CHI) is now only operating out of the building they own at 1182 Roswell Road NE Carrollton as of July 10, 2017. CHI phone number 330-627-5524, fax 330-627-6605, and mailing address P.O. Box 567. They will be officially privatized January 1, 2018. CHI is serving 35 individuals with Medicaid Waivers with services of contract work, day habilitation services, community integration, and transportation. They also intend to start providing job coaching services.

The Board now owns 540 North High Street and also moved staff into the building on July 10, 2017. The building is called the Board building with phone number 330-627-6555, fax line 330-627-6115, and mailing address P.O. Box 429. The Board building houses Superintendent, Administrative assistant, Director of Training, Business Manager, Service and Support Administrators (SSA), Early Intervention, Community Employment, and Day Habilitation. Day habilitation services 10 residents of Carrollton Group Home Intermediate care facility and 15 individuals who live in the community and do not have a Medicaid Waiver funding.

November 2018 The Board will have the main 3.6 mill levy on the ballot for renewal. The levy money is still necessary to support Developmental Disabilities services in Carroll County. The Board remains responsible for 40% for all Carroll County Waiver services. We currently fund 81 Individual Option Waivers (IO), 11 Level 1 Waivers, and 3 Self-Empowered Life Funding Waivers (SELF). The Board has a waiting list of 78 people wanting Waiver funding for services.

In 2018 we will be working on our strategic plan. The current 5 year strategic plan ends December 2018. We need community input on the focus of Board services. Things to consider should the Board stop day services and offer individuals the choice of a private provider? Should the Board allow those eligible for services who don't have waiver funding the ability to attend Board day services? Should the Board open up day services to other Intermediate Care Providers?